Re: 465B Horizontal Trace Issues - Help requested


Hello BRAVO for your effort, the 465/475/B were my main scopes in 1970s, are a great advance over the 453/454/485. (At my first job, 1968 used 454)
Brings back memories!

Tants were used everywhere at that epoch, if the current is not limited and used near rated V they do fail shorted or blow open.

The 2" service manual is a classic and highly recommend to DL the PDF version for your serial number range.

This electronic dinosaur much prefers the original bound TEK to the PDF. Look on fleabay.

Qservice in Greece, has for sale very fine reproductions.

Finally, consider to recap the PSU, the lytics dry out and seals fail, also check the fan bearings.

Many threads on recapping the 465/475/B.

Bon chance!


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