Re: 465B Horizontal Trace Issues - Help requested

Harvey White

That seems to indicate that the horizontal amplifier, in the x10 position, can swing enough to give you proper deflection.

This suggests that the X1 pot and the components (and perhaps switches) are faulty.

IIRC, the X1 is the default, and the X10 is switched in (and less resistance), IIRC, this is an emitter coupled difrerential amplifier, and the resistor coupling the two emitters together determines stage gain.  Switching in an X10 pot (and adjusting it properly) gives you the additional gain.


On 10/1/2020 7:53 PM, wrote:
Yes, in the x10 position the trace does indeed seem uncompressed. I can find the "whole" trace by moving horizontal position, i even counted # of square waves to verify.

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