Re: C1001/2 vid' cams for the 11301/2


Hi Bill , I have several of these video camera's but not the Tek frame grabber or software . I have a Cortex frame grabber which works very well and some Cortex s/w available on their website some years ago - not sure about now though . The card I am using is an ISA card so it needs an old Pc, there is a PCI version of the card which might be easily found and the s/w for that was also on the website .The cards have a 9pin 'D' type connector on the bracket which allows video input and also a trigger for grabbing a frame plus a 12v output which can power the C1001/2
I have also used the camera's with a cheap USB stick used for surveilance systems and also similar ones used in video to DVD applications with out much trouble . I had a great time showing my 7104 screen on a 15 inch laptop screen .There is a downside using the camera's though , whatever you do its not much good capturing any single shot waveforms
I hope this helps a little 

On Thursday, 1 October 2020, 22:37:28 BST, Bill Perkins <> wrote:

    Anyone have any experience with these; the frame grabber board and the
software are a complete mystery to me.

    TIA for any help/admonition.


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