Re: TDS 684A needs recapping?

Jokken Feldhaar


I've had this exactly with a 684, about half an inch radius around the
SMT Lytics showed oxidization, it took me 2 days to safely unsolder the
72 capacitors in this unit without harming the pads. Installing the new
ones was a lot faster ;-)

I also had to change some of the ICs of the ACQ Board due to oxidated
pins on them, mostly TL084 (or was it 074?), and some 4051 multiplexers.

That was really a heap of work, but in order to save a 684 I considered
it time well spent!

Cheers, Jochen DH6FAZ

Am 30.09.2020 um 11:55 schrieb kora:

never seen tds6xx with recap required. test is easy: with heat fan at 380 *C desolder one of 5V caps (say SRAM area) from acqisition board. if it desolders without erruprion (not serious, but wear glasses anyway) - just place it again there and forget about recapping. it was relatively small 5xx party with leaky caps, many people suffered from it, but it was before 6xx.

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