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Hi Michael and others on this thread , just to add my few pennies worthSeveral years ago when postal charges were more reasonable I bought over a short period 3 Tek 7k scopes 7854,7834 and a 7104 from sellers in the US. They all arrived intact surprisingly here in the UK and had little more than 1 layer of small bubble and 1 layer of corrugated card held in place with scotch tape . No dents in cases , no broken knobs or CRT's .With such limited protection just 1 intact would be thought a miracle but all 3 must be credit to USPS often criticised on groups like this .I think it shows that its not just the sellers not knowing how to pack , the shippers need to know how to handle such things . Maybe the skimpy wrapping allowed the shippers to see that even though it was heavy , it was still fragile and they treated it appropriately .Obviously I cant comment on how it would be handled these days

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The OP is trying to explain that the shipper told him not to worry... that the
he (the shipper) would pack the 545 up... supposedly well. But, it didn't go

Sadly, Most E-Bay sellers (and sellers on all platforms) just do not understand how heavy and how delicate these scopes are.  Remember that most of them are regular folks (Zero Electronics Experience) and they honestly believe that they are packing these instruments well.  It is almost impossible to explain to many people the level of protection that is necessary.  From our perspective, It seems obvious, to others, those less well versed in these instruments, not so much; a layer of bubble wrap, a few chunks of Styrofoam and some kraft paper seems totally fine.  I suppose that because these things are big and heavy (like and anvil) that the shippers seem to believe that these scopes have the durability of an anvil?   

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