Re: Shipping Scopes

Tom Gardner

On 29/09/20 04:22, Dave Seiter wrote:
Implode if dropped! Still, I doubt they would treat it any differently. On Monday, September 28, 2020, 05:40:31 PM PDT, John Williams <> wrote:
You know, I have often thought of trying this. Here goes. Forget the box, forget the packing. Stick a tag and a ups shipping form on the side of the bare scope and send it off to ups. I wonder if they would be more careful. Maybe a label like “will explode if dropped.” No just kidding. Do not try this.
Many decades ago I heard the, probably apocryphal, tale that a manufacturer of aquariums did just that, on the principal that the shippers would not want to clean up broken glass.

35 years ago I did once (twice really!) put a 465 into the hold of an aircraft without any packaging, since they suddenly decided they didn't want it as cabin baggage. They put it in a plastic crate on the conveyor belt.

Simpler times.

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