Re: Shipping Scopes


adding my little story to this thread. Not more anecdotes, just observations

1. I bought a 575 curve tracer located in Ohio, and had it packed and shipped at the UPS store there. It cost $200 to pack
2. It arrived with a broken CRT
3. I had specifically paid for insurance from UPS - and CRITICALLY, I had also had the UPS shipper pack the item. I insured it for $400 (the cost of the scope plus the shipping)
4. When it arrived, it had obviously been well packed, and just as obviously it had been dropped - hard.
5. Naturally, the precious CRT was destroyed. It was broken at the neck just as another poster had mentioned was common for these devices when shipped.

Moral? BECAUSE I had paid for insurance and BECAUSE it was packed by the UPS store, they eventually paid off in full. I received my $400 check from UPS after about 60 days. They did not want the scope back, because I did NOT declare it a "total loss". (I said the cost of repair was over $500 and submitted an invoice to that effect from a fellow Tek scope enthusiast who has more than a few Tek scopes, including curve tracers, on his bench. :-) They paid the full insurance payoff.

I put a compatible CRT in it. :-) which meant that I have a $45.00 575 curve tracer.

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