Re: Shipping Scopes

Harvey White

When a CRT is built, it does not rattle.

When it does, embarrassing questions need to be asked.


On 9/28/2020 6:51 PM, David Collier wrote:
Just received a Heathkit IO-10 from the USA via the Global Shipping Service. It was loosely packed in a cardboard parcel and had clearly been dropped from waist height onto concrete! Hence one large electrolytic had broken away from its paxolin base; all three large compactrons were half out of their sockets at the same angle, and the chassis was bent on one side. The CRT survived but has something loose inside, so may or may not work.
By contrast I drove 8 hours to safely pick up two TEK 545B's locally.
Sellers need education in packing these things properly.

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