Re: Anyone know what happened to Stan Griffiths (of Restoring a Classic fame)?

David Holland

I thought the VintageTek museum reprinted his book. Are they out again?

(Appears so).... They do make a PDF available:


On Mon, Sep 28, 2020 at 10:53 AM Dave Daniel <> wrote:

Regrettably Stan has passed on.

There are second-hand copies of his book available but they are very, very
expensive (between $70 and $300).


On Sep 28, 2020, at 10:37, Grayson Evans <> wrote:

Stan wrote: Oscilloscopes: Selecting and Restoring a Classic, which I
think is way out of print. Fortunately I still have my copy and use it all
the time to ID Tek scopes and plug-ins. He was a Tek employee and lived in
Beaverton, not far from me.
He restored my two 547's in the 90's. He was a firm believer in giving
the scopes a high pressure wash, then a through dry in an oven he made out
of an old refrigerator. Guess it worked. I also traded him some 500
series plug-ins.
Would love to reconnect if he is still alive.
Grayson, KJ7UM

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