Re: Soul searching = Lab Purge

David Berlind

I did. But just in case you missed it northeastern Massachusetts.

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You don’t write where you are located.


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Hey all,

After dealing with some pretty serious health issues since March and looking around at my family, I have decided to devote more of my free time to activities with loved ones like sailing, making music, hiking, etc. and less time in my man cave with electronics. It's just something I have to let go of. Life is so precious and so are relationships and while this hobby and the members of this group have given me so much and my health is much better now, these last months have taught me that we can be taken from this earth in a blink of an eye and I should probably spend my time between now and then (whenever that is) on the things that really matter in my life; people. I will maintain a minimal lab so I can fix stuff from time to time. But I'm going to sell off most of my collection of gear and a good handful of old tube radios. Also, all my ham stuff. It will be a lot of work and probably take me through the winter to post all the information, photos, working condition, etc. But I just took a swing through the lab to make a few notes and I'd thought I'd share here what I am going to get rid off. This is NOT the complete list. It was just a casual stroll around the basement. I haven't set prices yet but would entertain non-low-ball numbers. I paid fair money for most of this stuff and it's not like I'm in a major hurry to get rid of it. I just don't want my wife to have to deal with it all by herself at some point in the hopefully very distant future. The mainframes are mostly loaded with very standard modules, nothing exotic (the 7633 is empty). I haven't thought about whether to sell the modules separately or keep the loaded mainframes intact. I live in Northeastern Massachusetts.

1 T935 (1 bent BNC jack)
2 547 (very clean and unmolested)
1 2220
1 466
1 7603
1 OS-245PU (ruggedized mil spec version of the 7603)
1 7603/R (to this group only, I will give this away since it was given to me by a member of the group. But you have to come get it. It's a backbreaker).
1 577 Curve Tracer

HP Universal Counter 5335A
BK Precision Model 1601 Power Supply
Data Precision 5740 Frequency Counter
Heathkit IT-28
Heathkit IT-11
Telohmike T0-6
HP 200 CD
HP 200 AB
Kapco HB2AH Power Supply (very clean but needs work)
Heathkit IM-28 VTVM
HP 606B Signal Generator


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