Re: TDS5/6/700 application software packages?


Never have seen the disks available anywhere but sure would like to get my
hands on them.


On Fri, Sep 25, 2020, 11:55 AM Siggi <> wrote:

Hey y'all,

I've always been curious to see the applications that were available for my
TDS784D back in the day. Have any of you even seen these applications, or
know where I might find them?

In the datasheet on Tek's website, the applications are described thusly:

"Application Software Packages
These Java based application packages reduce the cost, time and complexity
common to many application-specific test procedures. These
application-specific capabilities are easily installed via floppy disks and
require a hard disk drive (Option HD or Option 2M).

TDSPWR1 gives designers interested in power consumption applications the
ability to automatically calculate True Power, Apparent Power, Power
Factor, Instantaneous Power and Energy to eliminate manual calculations.

TDSJIT1V2 performs a suite of jitter measurements with unprecedented
accuracy on single-shot waveforms. Jitter information can be displayed as
statistics, histograms, time trends or jitter spectrums.

This software makes timing measurements by providing statistics on
specific, fully time-correlated data and clock edges. It also performs
automated AC timing measurements on all parameters in single-shot

TDSCEM1 performs a suite of automated eye diagram measurements on SONET/SDH
and Fibre Channel standards. These measurements include eye height, eye
width and quality factor.

TDSCPM1 performs automated parametric measurements of pulse amplitude,
spectral power and pulse symmetry to standards requirements. Standards
include ANSI T1.102 and ITU-T G.703."


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