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Richard R. Pope

It is greatly appreciated. I love to drive and the extra money is very helpful since I am living on Social Security Disability.
GOD Bless and Thanks,

On 9/23/2020 8:47 PM, Dave Seiter wrote:
It's like Uber for scopes! If I ever find a 570 and can't retrieve it myself, I'll keep you in mind!
On Wednesday, September 23, 2020, 03:32:29 PM PDT, Richard R. Pope <> wrote:
Hello all,
And this is why I offer a premium delivery service. Expensive but
the equipment is handled by just me. It will not be dropped, spindled,
nor mutilated and it is kept in a climate controlled environment. I
will pick up anywhere in the lower 48 and deliver to anywhere else in
the lower 48. Please contact off list for details?
GOD Bless Bless and Thanks,

On 9/23/2020 4:38 PM, John Williams wrote:
Good advice. Having shipped and received literally hundreds of tube scopes, there is always a few things overlooked. One that is ALWAYS overlooked is the crt. The crt in these old scopes is supported in only two places, that is the front panel and the rear socket. The front support is very rigid. The back support however is usually a white plastic ring that may be used to rotate the tube. Sadly this plastic is the kind that eventually hardens. It does not take much force to break it. Even time can cause it to fail. Now when the packed scope gets dropped by the carrier, and it WILL get dropped, the crt is unsupported and will usually break in half at the neck. All carriers use conveyor belts, and a package this size sometimes falls off the conveyor to the concrete floor. I have even seen the UPS driver, when picking up a box clearly marked fragile in 10 places actually THROW the box into his truck. CRTs are getting very hard to find, so if yours gets broken the whole scope may be junk.

I have also received scopes in their original Tektronix shipping box, unopened. There is no way this box could survive shipping conditions today. It always has to be packed inside another box.

I know of no easy answer to this. I have sometimes removed the crt and packed it separately in a proper Tektronix crt box. This is good but increases the cost. I have also received scopes with some packing material around the crt inside the mu-metal shield. As I recall this had limited success. Oh and btw no carrier will insure glass.

Any time you ship it is a crap shoot. All you can do is try to make sure your package can be dropped 6 feet onto concrete and you are ok. Maybe. Good luck.


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