Re: Is my Tek 468 beyond repair?



Looked at the TI datasheet: fmax for the 74HCT112 is typically 60 Mhz. So it is worth trying.

I somehow got the price wrong by a few cents, at mouser it is actually 68 cents in single quantities and they still have 788 ea in stock.


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On Mon, Sep 21, 2020 at 10:54 AM, ron roetzer wrote:

The 74HCT112 is only guaranteed for 24MHz clock. The 74S112 is rated for 80MHz minimum. The 74F112 is rated for 100MHz min.
Makes sense to look at the rated speeds. Tek picked the S type for a reason, and it is clock speed. If the oscillator is replaced, the original part numbers would work as designed, as they did for the last 30+ years. Pick F if you cannot find S. Digikey and Mouser have both types in stock. I did not see them at Allied, RS or Farnell.

There are only 4 actual pins, but their positions are mapped onto a 14 pin DIL package?
Yes oscillators often come in 8 or 14 pin footprints, so the pins are referred to by DIP numbering.


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