TDS6604 Acquisition Board Replacement


I'm trying to restore a TDS6604 to it's former - hours of fun for the whole family!

After a few setbacks (Overheating CPU and a flat battery on the PPC board) I have the scope working 99%.
The remaining issue is a failed trigger chip on channels 1 and 2. Fortunately there is a pair of them so I could swap them and move the fault to channels 3 and 4.

It would seem that these chips are no longer available so I purchased another Acquisition board at a reasonable price from a reputable source.
I've swapped the Acq. boards but the replacement board reports error #351 on boot. When I run diagnostics / acquisition I also get a second error #372.
I really don't think the replacement Acq. is faulty as it was tagged as tested and sold as such.

Dr Google says the fix for #351 is to run SPC which I will try today.

According to the service manual a "Boot ROM and authorisation code" update is required, but there is no description on how to do this.
If anyone out there has done this replacement I would appreciate any tips.

Thanks in advance,
- Guy.

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