Need some R5030 help and a manual....


Thanks to Dennis, I started with 2 R5030's and an R5031 a while ago, and eventually got down to a single partially working R5030, s/n B060445. The others while looking good physically, had massive failures, but this one had good power, a working dual beam CRT, and after some surgery, actual working traces! Wahoo, baby, getting very close to the goal line here...

My biggest problems are in the myriad front panel lighted PB switches from Tek, most are locked into one position, and I can't get them to cycle, so with two or three interlocking pushbuttons, I am often stuck in a single position, and on about half, the back lights are burned out. I cannot see how to remove a switch from the front panel to service it, or change the light, so any advice on that topic is greatly appreciated. There must be a way to fix these, I just don't know how to do it without actually getting at it. My telekinetic repair skills are weak.

In addition, the front fiber optic scale display has many burned out and dim segments, but I can't see how to get in there to change lamps. again, advice please! How the heck does that assembly come out?

I started out with no traces just the panel dimmer, and found that the power resistors in the horizontal (and vertical) amps at the rear left had gotten so hot, they desoldered themselves, and re-touching the solder carefully fixed that problem for now. However, there are NO VENTS in this area, yet the covers are vented elsewhere, so I think the covers are reversed top for bottom or something, reversing front to back doesn't fix it. I will have to check that carefully, as there is simply no possible way on this earth this will stay working without serious ventilation. It really cries out for a fan, in fact...

Any advice on this unit, and a manual, would be hugely welcome, as I have coveted a working one of these for many years, and finally have enough time to get to the bottom of every problem, assuming it's actually possible. Happy to trade for or buy a manual if there's one out there. I'd really love to find the normal (non-rack mounted) 5030 as well, if anybody has one hiding in their basement. And, no the similar R5031 storage manual is not especially useful to me, and I have it as a PDF.

All the best,
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