Re: 2445 “A” sweep Issue


Hey Chris,

Here's a great document on how to troubleshoot your oscilloscope: It's worth a
read if you haven't read it before. Even if you have read it before, it's
probably worth another skim :).



On Thu, Sep 10, 2020 at 11:09 PM <> wrote:

The scope does seem to trigger. The Trigged LED illuminates when the Cal
signal is applied and trigger level adjusted.
Have you tried X/Y mode? Have you seen any kind of trace on the CRT? Does
the horizontal position control work?

Can the loss of the calibration constants result in the “A” sweep being
To directly address this question: I don't think so, but I'm often wrong. I
would be surprised if you'd lose all sweeps, e.g. I'd think there would be
sweep speeds that DO work.

Also, I don't think the B sweep will run without a functional A sweep, so
you may have some kind of a display/intensity problem rather than a sweep
problem. The A/B sweep setup controls are fairly intricate, and I don't
know which settings (if any) have produced a trace for you.

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