2445 “A” sweep Issue


I am having issues with a 2445 Oscilloscope that is not showing the A horizontal sweep. The “B” sweep appears when the B delayed time base is used. The readout shows some dots on the bottom line of text on the CRT. And the A sweep appears to have a starting dot which is offset to the left of the CRT.

I had wondered if the 2445 has issues with the horizontal output hybrid (as the “A” sweep is offset to the left) or the Z-axis hybrid (as there are dots on the CRT). As the “B” sweep and readout appears however this seems to imply that the horizontal output hybrid may be working? I am not sure is there could be a failure mode of the horizontal output hybrid which results in the “A” sweep not appearing.

I have swapped the “A” and “B” sweep hybrids which did not resolve the issue.

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