Re: EZ Test for 4041

Monty McGraw

The 4041 Utility ROMpack R04 manual on bitsavers has a couple of interesting rom calls:

  • Loadroms is a Soft ROMpack loader that could load ROMs from a file on tape or disk into memory (pg 1-1)
  • PROM File System allows ASCII or ITEM files to be read from PROMs as device name PROM0 which is read-only but supports all the BASIC commands other than SAVE (also on pg 1-1)

Two problems with the PROM file system - the Tektronix ROM Carriers are 'almost unobtainable' although I have found two different sources the price is over $50 for a single plastic cover with two EPROMs in the Molex carriers. Second problem is the PRMBLD and RMXFER are two BASIC programs that came with the 4041 "Accessory Kit" for programming 4041 PROMs. I can't find those programs :(

I think it would be relatively easy to make a 4041 ROM Drawer compatible circuit board that would emulate the ROM Drawer with larger EPROMs.

We just need the PRMBLD and RMXFER programs to create the 'tape' file for a PROM0.

The manual indicates on page 7-1 if the PROM0 contains an AUTOLD file, this file will automatically become the default SYSDEV device and the AUTOLD will be loaded automatically at power-up!

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