Re: TWD 120's FREE

Thomas Garson


Well, I have SCSI adapters galore, and an operating PC running Windows 98, necessary for operation of a legacy DSP analyzer (PC bus hardware). So, I have a system that could PROBABLY work with it. There is already a Tek analog scope on that bench, but the storage capability could be handy.

If no one more needy puts up their hand, I would take one of those.
Zip code 97520.

Thomas Garson
Aural Technology, Ashland, OR
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On 9/2/20 1:24 PM, Charlie Conger wrote:
I just found one, maybe two, complete TWD120's while unpacking after a move. These had been missing for years. These are 100 Mhz 2channel Digital Storage Digitizers originally made for GE medical. They require a PC to act as a display to be fully functional. As I last recall these were fully functional the last time I used them.
see here for more details
If anyone is interested PM me and I will be happy to send for cost of shipping.

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