Re: TWD 120's FREE

G Hopper

Looks like an interesting bit of hardware.

Does it use all three interfaces to communicate with the PC (as listed in
the wiki)? or just the SCSI: " Adaptec ASPI SCSI driver is required for
the software to communicate with the digitizer. SCSI configuration can be
tricky." and the serial and parallel were for other things?

That it was designed to work with windows 3.1 and becomes a tough thing to
keep operational as OSes progressed is why these PC based scopes are such a
mixed bag. Makes me glad I have older hardware based scopes. :-)

On Wed, Sep 2, 2020 at 1:24 PM Charlie Conger <> wrote:

I just found one, maybe two, complete TWD120's while unpacking after a
move. These had been missing for years. These are 100 Mhz 2channel Digital
Storage Digitizers originally made for GE medical. They require a PC to act
as a display to be fully functional. As I last recall these were fully
functional the last time I used them.

see here for more details

If anyone is interested PM me and I will be happy to send for cost of

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