Re: Right to Repair - Re: [TekScopes] Digital scope with CRT

Tom Gardner

On 27/08/20 04:35, Shirley Dulcey KE1L wrote:
Electronics distributors have gotten a lot more friendly to small customers
over the years. ...

The second thing that helped the change along was the ubiquitous adoption
of credit cards. In the olden daisies a big obstacle to ordering from most
distributors (other than Digi-Key and Mouser, and Lafayette when it was
still around) was the need to have an account. ...

Finally, there was the internet. Online ordering lowered the cost of
handling orders a lot;. You don't have to pay somebody to answer the phone
or transcribe paper order forms, and the error rate dropped because of
eliminating an intermediate step.
One of my early projects, in ~73, was to build one of these new-fangled digital clocks with the miraculous LEDs.

Sourcing the parts involved:

* reading magazines to find what was available
* writing off for data sheets
* scavenging most components from scrap circuit boards
* finding a source of the special clock chip and enormous 0.5" LEDs, in California
* obtaining and sending an International Money Order; no credit cards, no cheques
* waiting for the components to arrive by slow boat
* elapsed time of several months!

It turned out to be the first most people in the road had seen, and some hated seeing their life tick away every second.

I still have it, it still works, and I recently converted it into a Vetinari clock

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