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Even with repair manuals and schematics, there was another obstacle years ago-parts. I'm not speaking of unique Tektronix built parts, but rather condensers and resistors, tubes, transistors and connectors. In the place and time I spent my youth, there was a constant struggle for hobbyists and experimenters to buy basic components from suppliers. They tried to sell only to commercial businesses, angering a whole generation who were delighted when they went out of business years later. I especially enjoy restoring Tektronix and products of the other major instrument and scope builder because they were built with excellence and pride, and prospered by the merit of their work rather than entrapment.

Bruce Gentry, KA2IVY

On 8/26/20 9:14 PM, Michael W. Lynch via wrote:
Right to repair is opposed by Apple, John Deere and hundreds of others. Their "cash cow" is gouging customers for "repairs" by restricting the availability of service information and parts. My father in law runs John Deere equipment and is constantly being screwed for that green paint that they spray on almost every part. A $10.00 SKF of Timken bearing, painted JD Green magically costs $150-$200 at the dealer; same part in a JD Box! As Mr. Griessen stated, the Firmware and Software are even more vulnerable, as there is no alternative. This is an area where the Governments should act and they do not, since these companies have powerful lobbies across the world.

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