Re: eBay semi-scammers???, 7s14

Michael Dunn <mdunn@...>

At 6:52 PM -0800 2001/3/31, wrote:
> For example, my 7S14
has a sticker on it that says 5S14 too.
For that plugin the guts are the same (originally a 5000 series plugin).
Is there some kind of adapter board in the back that has the 7000 edge
connectors on it?
Sure enough, each edge connector is a small card with some components.

At 6:49 PM -0800 2001/3/31, Stan or Patricia Griffiths wrote:
and found that that very seller had just a few weeks before that purchased a
known dead HP-01 for about $200. I further found out that he had purchased a
What a story!

> has a sticker on it that says 5S14 too.

I wonder what that is all about . . . ?? Just a quick look will tell you
that a 5000 Series plugin will not fit a 7000 series mainframe and vice-versa
and they are not electrically compatible, either.
See above.

And, Michael H. sent me the following information:

The 7S14 was originally designed as 5S14 and because of the fact that the plugins for the 7k Series are longer,
TEK Integrated it in a 7k Scopes housing and added some adapter prints to make it 7k scope compatible.
This plgin was the "poor peoples" Sampler especially for the Lower Bandwith 100 and 200 MHz Mainframes.

Take care with this plugin: it contains little battery cells in the sampling stage that may be empty.

This is actually the only plugin that i know that contains 5k Series Technology (and i own quite a complete collection).

The 7k Scopes interface differs mechanically and electrically a lot from the 5k scopes. the 5k scopes actually use a mechanics that is mechanically identical to the TM 500 System.

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