Re: SC504 INT SYNC queries


Stupid question:
There are no stupid questions ;-)

You put the Trigger Source selector on Int, did you?

And did you try appropriate trigger coupling settings, like both AC triggering (AC in) and DC triggering (all CPL out)?
Yes, tried them all.

Time bases trigger when the level is crossing any trigger level/source during setting. By adjusting the knob you are varying that level setting through its range so your conclusion that it gets through from where you want is wrong, although it shows it is able to trigger, given the right conditions/settings.
Agreed: my conclusion was wrong. I have subequently established that the trigger signal does indeed get around the backplane from the oscillator slot to 15B, but from there it goes via coax to the scope's trigger select switch, with the centre connectors concealed under the board that I cannot get at. The external and channel-linked and line triggers all work perfectly, certainly no issue there.

Did you check continuity (Ohm meter) from 15B to the common point where all triggers enter the Trigger Switch Board?
I haven't located that point yet, but I will certainly check it when I do.

Thanks also for the explanation about the internal switch. At least it has nothing to do with this issue.

I've also succeeded in connecting the CH 1 and CH2 INT signals around the backplane to the AA501, so I can finally get rid of some spaghetti at the front linking AA501 Function and Monitor Outputs to CH1 and CH2. However there is mention on p.5-6 of the SC504 manual of having to disconnect a coax connecting 28B CH1 Trigger Out to 16A CH2 INT IN to do this, but being unable to find any such cable, or any evidence of any continuity between these points in any input selection configuration, I went ahead anyway and it worked fine. Maybe my SC504 is later than my manual, or earler.


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