Re: 2246A Power supply failure turning on / off


Thanks, I already check the switch and it is working fine.

Update: I already change almost all the normal diodes and zeners, almost all the electrolytic capacitors also, but the problem is still present.

I was searching in my country the MC34060 (NTE1753) and the SCR2117 but I cannot find them here.

The next step that I will do is to disconnect all the outputs of the transformer, low and high voltage, isolate them and start the power supply to check if is a problem of the load.

0.1 Ohm seems to be ok.

My other option, is to buy an old 2245-2246-2247 that stills turns on to extract the power supply and have other components for future repairs. I already check in ebay the power supply but only appears in Greece and Israel, and over $180 + shipping, and the old oscilloscopes in US are from $60.

Thanks for the support

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