Re: TDS684A freezing during boot (erratic behaviour)

Stephen Hanselman

I would look in the HVPS. This PS is fed 24V only and makes all of its internal use voltages it self. Usual suspects caps and such. Shoot me on you have and I’ll see if I have a spare.

If you get it working otherwise and don’t’ try mind spending some money look at SimmCon Labs for the lcd replacement. I have one in my TDS-540C and also my 8593 both work fantastic, lower the heat output and are sharper imaged. Downside they do range in cost from 399 to 899(8566’s). Our customers love them also.


Stephen Hanselman
Datagate Systems, LLC

On Aug 23, 2020, at 14:44, Rogerio O <> wrote:

That you all for the replies.
I tried to turn it on just to make sure I would provide a correct answer to reply to amirb and I had two different issues now.
First I had SPC fail ( which not happened when I rebboted).
The second is a "shaky display".
What is the "usual cause" for a shaky display? PSU?

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