Re: Tek 465 Turns on, No Dot, No Trace


On Sun, Jul 12, 2020 at 06:29 PM, Stephen wrote:

The crackling sounds and the weird smell (not a burning smell), appeared for
the the first time when I depressed the Beam Finder. Almost the same happened
when I cranked the Intensity.
I didn’t exactly see a “trace”, but rather a blurry and unfocused glow.
But at least, it was finally somehow alive.
The crackling sounds and the weird smell could well be arcing, producing ozone, which you smell. It indicates that the PDA voltage is there (output of HV multiplier). The ordinary HV of a few kV usually isn't enough to produce this effect.
But is this about a 465 (the thread's subject) or about your 475A? I'm confused but have to admit I haven't read it all. If it's about your 475A, I suggest starting a thread about that.


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