Re: PS503A Mod FF Photos?

Colin Herbert

Wouldn't another power-supply be a possibility? Perhaps another PS503A or something simpler, even. What if you want four power-sources - basically then you do need another power-supply.

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On Sat, Aug 22, 2020 at 04:17 PM, Stephen wrote:

May I ask why one would need to modify a PS503A?
Can’t you adjust and fine tune the 20V supply? That’s what i do on mine...
A few reasons come to mind:
1. I may want to use the +/- 20V lines and supply my ECL logic as well (-5.2V nominal). It *is* a triple-voltage supply...
2. I may be using the +/- 20V lines, at the same time wanting to supply my Raspberry Pi 3B+, which doesn't like being fed less than 5.1V (or so).
3. I may want to supply my +/-15V OpAmp circuits while finding supply voltage limits for a connected 3.3V or (TTL) 5V circuit.
4. The reason I just stole from Colin: 5V at 1A from a TM504 (high power slot at the right) or the like.


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