Re: Oscilloscope Operator Training Kit - TNGTDS01


Thanks for the idea on generating glitches Harvey,
I have been working through the Tek TDS3 Training Manual using bench generators.  An HP 3314A function generator has proven helpful for generating irregular waveforms -- but I had to re-learn how to operate it.  Next I'm going to try a noise generator to see if the scope will capture single frames.
I built a 100 kHz? EICO 425k in my teens, graduated to a Dumont 2 MHz scope; then to an 18 MHz, 75-pound, 500-watt, Tek 513; followed by a 100 MHz 465; and finally to this 500 MHz (and quite sensitive) TDS3052B.  My head is still spinning from the myriad of features found in these "digital phosphor" scopes.
Bruce, KG6OJI

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