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Colin Herbert

I am still puzzling over this. I have read the manual relating to the capacitance multiplier and have checked that C210, the resistors associated with it and switches 5, 6, 7 and 8 all look OK as far as I can tell. Also, R216 measures 10K and the slider is operating correctly (when U215 is out-of-circuit). I am left with the possibility that U215 is faulty, but I can't find a replacement. Does anyone have any better ideas, or maybe a replacement for U215 (Tektronix-made 156-0484-00)?
TIA, Colin.

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I still have some problems with the Function Generator (though I have fixed one) which relate to the symmetry adjustments.
All of the power-supply voltages and ripple levels are within spec. I have got through and ensured that items #6 and #7 in the adjustment procedures are correct. These relate to the "Top Dial Waveform Symmetry (R52)" and "Minimum Dial Waveform Symmetry (R155)". The problem comes in with the next procedure "Adjust Low Dial Waveform Symmetry (R215)". This requires a 10Hz square-wave to be generated and output, but my FG 504 stops oscillating at something like 90 Hz and just gives positive pulses of approximately 3.25 ms width. This cannot be corrected with R215, which has -15 VDC on its slider, but doesn't change the voltages on pins #1 and #5 of U215. At the other end of the "Frequency Start" dial, the square-wave is more symmetrical (but not completely so) and the positive pulses are about 1.75 ms wide. This is all with the "Frequency Multiplier" switch at 10. Could this be a failure of the timing capacitor at this setting, or is R215 or U215 at fault? I have tried reseating U215 with no improvement.
The +1V/-1V triangle waveform at the junction of R225 and R228 under the conditions stated in the manual is fine.

Any suggestions as to what is going on?

TIA, Colin.

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