Tek 465 Sweep Start Calibration


Hi guys, I need your help again, I am trying to do horizontal calibration on my 465 but I cannot set step one of calibration, "Check/Adjust Sweep Start and A Sweep Calibration", With Sweep start adjustment R1115 fully counter clockwise, the Intensified sweep starts at 0.96 on Delay Time position dial, cannot get it to 1.0, Is out of range of R1115. Trimmer R1115 is in the middle of a voltage divider between R1113, R1112 and R 1117. Has anybody had this problem? In service manual, parts list says R1113 is "196 ohm (NOM VALUE) SEL". My 465 has a 145 ohm resistor for R1113, changing R1113 to 196 ohm would probably get enough range to fix Sweep Start. I don't know where else to look for the problem. Also have a newer version of service manual where parts list says R1113 is "196 ohm". Does not say nominal value select. The rest of the horizontal cal went OK.

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