Re: Little ceramic trimmer caps that always break... A fix.

Carsten Bormann

On 2020-08-19, at 17:35, Chuck Harris <> wrote:

my brain fills
in whatever word it can think of that fits the space.
I think that is a problem fundamentally every proofreader has.
Confirmation bias in the small.

My retina specialist says not to worry, it will only
get worse... especially if he tries to fix it.
(Earlier in my life, I experienced the eyesight of my father deteriorate over a span of a decade. Something I wouldn't wish my worst enemies, if I had any to wish something bad onto.)

I know you want perfection out of each of us, but I for
one, am not up to it anymore.
Please don’t take my comments as personal criticism.
They were directed to the list (or I would have sent them personally to you).
And, yes, I do like some attention to detail; perfection is not a very useful goal for informal messages like these...

I do this gig for fun, and it is becoming less and less
fun as the nits get picked.
Let me just say that your posts are highly enjoyable on so many levels.
Any nits don’t distract from that.
(Too bad that telling more about your tractors would be off-topic on this list.)

Grüße, Carsten

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