Re: Little ceramic trimmer caps that always break... A fix.

Chuck Harris

Perhaps, but Dennis is a geezer too, and there is nothing
we have said that he doesn't already know all too well.

I'm done.

-Chuck Harris

pdxareaid wrote:

we are going to get slapped for this geezer fest, but now in my late sixties i exhibit all of the above annoyances when typing with
one addition. i am basically a touch typist but developed some bad habits over the years (coding does that) and tend to look at the keyboard when composing. i find i
will use a word like "composed" or "composing" correctly in my mind but in reading what i typed, i will find "compose".
lately on the fly grammar checking has been flagging some of these.
as far as dexterity, i have the same problem with the guitar. the fingers are not working like they used to.
We're all like old electrolytic caps. If we don't blow our tops, someday we'll eventually leak out. Regular use does stave off
an early demise.
DID vs DIDN'T: yes the sign bit gets a bit sticky at times too.
i have no problem with the shift key, however, as is plainly obvious in this posting :-)

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