Re: Little ceramic trimmer caps that always break... A fix.

Chuck Harris

No, it's age.

We have the benefit of self introspection, and a memory that
can remind of us of how things were, and how they aren't anymore.

My heart and lungs are good, but I cannot run a 4 minute mile

For a while, you can brush these things off as just little nothings,
but at a certain point, for me, it became clear that changes were

-Chuck Harris

Stephen wrote:

I’m mid 50’s and I just realized I missed a word on my last post. I meant “when he DIDN’T find it”, but wrote “when he DID find it”... See? It’s not only age, it’s also that we’re trying to do things faster and faster, in order to keep up with a world that constantly demands speed and responsiveness.

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