Re: Looking for a P6139A Schematic


On Tue, Aug 18, 2020 at 07:00 AM, Roy Thistle wrote:

so that you could replace the cable"... replace the actual coax cable... not replace the "cable assembly."
OK, so you want to replace the cable only and mount the connectors yourself ?
As far as I know that can't be done. You won't find the cable or connectors for sale by Tek or anyone else.

I don't see a part number in the Tektronix catalogue scan you linked to.
Check again. On page two the P/N is shown as 174-0978-00.

I believe that the reason that there is no part number for the cable assembly is that the compensation box,
and the cable assembly coax, had to be matched by Tektronix at the factory?
That would have left out the P/N for the comp box too, don't you think ?
I don't why the P/N wasn't in the manual on Wiki. Earlier versions of the same document showed the P/N as usual.
There are several adjustments inside the comp box and instructions for those should have been in the manual too.


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