Re: Looking for a P6139A Schematic

Roy Thistle

On Mon, Aug 17, 2020 at 09:52 AM, zenith5106 wrote:

I'm not even sure the probe comes apart..
Yes. The compensation box and shell come off...but I said "I'm not even sure the probe comes apart... so that you could replace the cable"... replace the actual coax cable... not replace the "cable assembly."
Anyway there are no part numbers for the cable assembly (or for the coax) in the Tektronix P6139A Instructions (063-0870-05)... and I don't see a part number in the Tektronix catalogue scan you linked to.
Because of the 500 MHz BW of the P6139A... I believe that the reason that there is no part number for the cable assembly is that the compensation box, and the cable assembly coax, had to be matched by Tektronix at the factory?
There is no replacement cable assembly for a P6139A probe?... if the cable assembly is just has to get a new (or another working) P6139A probe.

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