Re: Looking for front cover for 465 and/or 485


I think many people consider the covers as shipping material and don't take care of them later unless the scope is used as a portable. A scope sitting on a bench would be sold off later, the cover was "somewhere around here", and got thrown out later once the scope was long gone. For any military test gear from about fifty years ago, covers were deliberately tossed or taken/sent home if possible. The first-term enlisted (often draftee) techies didn't want to deal with keeping everything in inspection order. Once the equipment started coming out as surplus, or slipped through the supply system cracks, they had the covers and rarely used accessories to make a nice instrument for themselves at home. We restore and treasure the TEK gear we have now, but a good portion of it was used in a daily, down and dirty get-it-done environment. As long as it was working well enough to get the particular job done, little else mattered. With the fast obselescence of a lot of communications and industrial equipment, longevity of test gear was not a great concern, and mangement considered the Carbon Unit cost too high to justify anything more than the minimum time needed to keep it functional. That is very different from a lab, broadcast station, or post-Vietnam war military environment. That's my real experience!

Bruce Gentry, KA2IVY

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I know. The whole world is looking for covers. Thought I'd ask anyway.
W0MPM John
There's some on ebay.

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