Re: Looking for front cover for 465 and/or 485

Dave Daniel

The cover for the 485 is similar to those that fit the 465 and 485 (I know because I owned a 485 with a cover). That is, plastic, no catches other than a molded clip on either side that snaps over the ‘scope’s outer rim. It’s outer dimensions are, of course, different than the 465 and 475 covers.

I have never seen a 485 with a DMM option.


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Isn't the 485 a bit like the 453, in that the cover is made of metal and is held in place by catches on either side? The other 400-series scopes have a plastic cover that just clicks into place. There are two types of plastic cover, one which is fairly plain and simple and the other which has the "penthouse" extension. The "penthouse" extension is used with scopes that have an attached DMM and with the 468, which has the extra circuitry on top for the digital memory.


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I'd love to have a front cover for my 485 as well if someone is fortunate enough to find multiples!

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