Re: 'Soft' transistor sockets

Bert Haskins

On 8/15/2020 4:12 PM, Tim Phillips wrote:
Hi Egge; no, maybe I didn't explain myself very well - the 'sockets' I
referred to are actually three individual tiny contacts on the PCB into
which the transistor leads go directly. Not an actual socket as we
understand the word ! Imagine a very low-profile socket, but without the
surrounding supporting material, just the contacts.

On Sat, 15 Aug 2020 at 20:23, Egge Siert <eggeja2@...> wrote:

Hi Tim,

This kind of sockets?


Egge Siert

I have used these and I like them except for the fact that they are obscenely expensive at least when I have been able to purchase them.

I have ended up pushing the pins out of machined pin IC sockets and using them instead.

There might be some difference at high frequencies but I will never see it.

-- Bert

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