Re: 2465 Fan Collet Thingy

Li Gangyi

Alrighty, I've successfully made a couple of these and tested them out (although I don't own the actual fan/scope).

Threaded and stud added (m4x0.7), I'm not sure of the stock hardware (was it a nylok nut and spring washer for example?). I tested a few to destruction with a 1.8mm shaft (actually an air adapter for filling up basketballs and such) and cranking it down until I heard a crack, all the failures where at the collet, non stripped out. They failed with way more torque that you'd normally put thru such a small nut, although reefing on it would crack it. I have no real means to measure the amount of torque required (the smallest torque wrench I have goes down to only 30inlbs).

If anyone would like a few to try (I'll ship them with a set of hardware), or you want to tap them for your thread size, i can leave the hole unmolested. contact me offline and we'll sort that out.

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