Re: DC503 Not Working


After some long posts spanning over 2 threads, trying to figure out why the DC503, then the DC505A did not display anything else than just a randomly placed single ā€œ0ā€ at any one time while plugged inside the mainframe, I finally founded out, without understanding why, that Option 12 messed everything up (see topic here, on the extender:,,,20,0,0,0::recentpostdate%2Fsticky,,,20,2,0,76102597

Also, the DC505A that was working when plugged into the extender did display all the digits, but was not counting at all, is now working perfectly inside the mainframe, after I disconnected option 12.
It turns out that even if no pins are need to power the modules, you have to connect them all in order for some plugins to properly work. I found that out the long way.

Iā€™m sorry if it took 2 threads to finally figure this out.

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