Re: TM500 Plug-in Extention


On Wed, Aug 12, 2020 at 02:32 PM, teamlarryohio wrote:

...and the Common for the variable supplies is tied to 21A, 21B, 34A, and 34B
if the schematic is accurate.
You probably mean 24A/A

Hint: The 5V ground is tied to the chassis of the PS503A. See if that is useful.
Yes, this is exactly what I have.

However, on my extender, none of these are connected. Only every pin, but 6B, from 1 to 13 are.
And, according to another post, that seems to make this unit behave “normally”...
That doesn’t make any sense...
None of this makes any sense. How can things work as intended when on the extender, but not when directly inside the mainframe? This is mind boggling....

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