Re: 5S14N what should I know?

Roger Evans

I have a 7S14 which I use infrequently and I am quite happy with 1.5V watch batteries. I don't think the rise time is greatly affected by the difference between 1.35V and 1.5V, the sampling diode on time will be slightly less because of the larger reverse bias but this is taken out by a small change in loop gain. I did find the wiring of the batteries to be critical, I wanted to put them in holders but the extra size made the wiring awkward and the longer leads and extra inductance were a killer. If you want a quick check that the 5S14 is working, solder two wires to a standard watch battery and connect it in with short wires, the original Hg batteries have strip connections which presumably helps to keep the inductance down.

Have fun,


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