5S14N what should I know?

Szabolcs Szigeti


I managed to get a 5S14n on eBay for my 5440, I reckon it is somewhat of a
rare item. While it is still being shipped, I'm preparing for what I will
need to do. So far I've already read through the archives of this list and
the descriptions on the Wiki. I know that the main problem is going to be
the mercury batteries in the samplers. I know about the simple LED based
solution and probably that is what I will go with, but I did not find a
conclusive opinion on how much the voltage matters. So for example if I
simply install some 1.5v batteries there, would it make any difference? In
the long run I guess so, but for example just to test the unit or to
operate it occasionally, is it a possibility of instead of installing LEDs?
What I have read is that eventually the 1.35V of the mercury cell is not
critical, but the stability and the source impedance is.

The other question is whether the 7S14 manual is good for this? I will most
likely buy the Artek scan for the 5S14N, but it looks to me that they are
actually the same units, even to the point of having the 5S14N PCB inside
for the 7, but with additional boards for readout and interfacing.

Which brings me to the third question. Based on the 7S14 schematics, the
readout is provided by a separate board, feeding from the main boards' cam
switches. I don't know what parts are populated on the 5000 unit, but maybe
it would be possible to add readout capabilities for this one too, by
adding a similar board like in the 7S14? Has anyone attempted this?

Is there anything else to know in advance? Other than to resist the
temptation to collect all 5000 plugins? :-)


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