Re: DC503 Not Working

Dave Daniel

I would make six measurements with an oscilloscope:

- Measure the signal of pin 6A at the backplane where the connector is soldered to the motherboard with the extender disconnected

- measure the same signal at the connector contact (front side)

- with the extender inserted, make the same two measurements

- with the extender inserted, measure the signal on the extender contact on the plug-in end

- measure the signal at the plug-in itself (“after” the extender)


On Aug 11, 2020, at 04:06, Stephen <stephen.nabet@...> wrote:

On Mon, Aug 10, 2020 at 04:48 PM, Chuck Harris wrote:

I have once, or twice, gotten a 7000 series plugin where
the middle fiberglass layer was missing, leaving a small
slot between the top surface, and the bottom surface of
the circuit board connector. I am guessing it was a defect
in the circuit board material that just happened to be
in that relatively benign location. It did make the
card edge springy, and slightly thinner than usual.

-Chuck Harris
Yes, I can see how that could be a problem. It’s not the case here, but I was thinking that maybe inserting the plugin repeatedly, may have, over time, worn out the copper pads to the point where some don’t make good contact.
I went ahead and lightly tinned the first 13. That didn’t help...
I must admit that I’m quite confused... 🤷‍♂️

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