Re: TM500 Plug-in Extention


All very good thinking and suggestions Harvey. Thank you.
I actually thought that a previous owner had hardwired the connectors on the TM itself. But you’re absolutely right, it makes more sense the backplane was used.

I’ll check the PS503 tomorrow.

On the DC503 there are actually 2 long shielded wires from pin 16 and 17 to the pots. I never paid attention to them. I thought they were original to the unit. I lifted the pots side, but it made no difference whatsoever. I don’t see anything else that might be connected at the moment.

I adjusted Channel A level balance (R42), but R142 for Channel B has no effect.
It’s now actually counting and quite accurate.

Pictures of the (extra??) shielded wires and count:

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