Re: DC503 Not Working


This is a partial copy of a post a posted while trying the extender work.

Something very unexpected and quite puzzling just happened.
As many pointed out, I forgot to connect pin 6A. I just did.
Some of you may have seen my post regarding the DC503 that is not showing more than 1 digit (0) at any one time, if at all, when I power it on. Never ever.

Now that pin 6A is finally connected, not only the DC503 power on normally with the extender, but all digits are there!!! Not when connected inside the TM506 itself!! It’s not counting anything, though.
Everything is not lost, it gives me hope that at least something is showing now...

It’s also missing some segments. If anyone knows if the individual LED’s can be replaced, that would be nice to know of a modern replacement. I found some, but the panels look too thick, I think.

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