Re: 475 With a bowed display. . . .Ideas?


On Mon, Aug 10, 2020 at 06:57 PM, <toby@...> wrote:

My next problem is that I do not have a replacement CRT. I was thinking (there
I go again!) that I have one, but what I have available are a 154-0731-00 and
a 154-0731-04 not the required 154-0677-10. So, I need to find a good CRT for
this scope. This scope is too nice to just part out, but also worthless
without a proper CRT.
It might be worthwhile to check and see if one of your -0731's will do. The 'scopes are very alike, except for BW of course and ISTR that CRT's of different models were used during the production life of the 465/475 series. At least I'd think that they are pin compatible. ISTR that the expansion mesh construction in the 465 was changed/improved at some stage but that's probably just the -0x mod level in the -0731.
Possibly worth a try after establishing that nothing will blow up.
An example of Tek's CRT selection but "the other way around" is the CRT Tek used in the 24XX series: The same CRT model could be found in digitizing 'scopes (2430..2440), where a BW of a few MHz was enough and in 150..400 MHz 2445..2465 models. So, distributed plates (HF feature) in a 'scope where only a few MHz is needed (2430..2440)! Economies of scale probably were behind that decision.


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