Re: 475 With a bowed display. . . .Ideas?

Tom Gardner

On 10/08/20 17:25, Michael W. Lynch via wrote:
Cause of Problem found, But problem not solved! After removing the CRT, I could detect the very faint "tinkle" of broken glass. Closer examination revealed that one of the the glass rods that supports for the Deflection plates and the geometry shield had been broken. this obviously skews the deflection plates and the geometry electrodes as well.
See the condition of the glass support rod in New photos at:
My first scope repair, a 465, took a similarly long time. The scope was doing a passable imitation of a torch, which I eventually traced to a broken grid weld, see I learned a lot in that process :)

I went and picked up a CRT, and the bloke let me have a decent deal on a 485 that took a long time to startup first thing in the morning. Locating the dubious startup electrolytic fixed the problem, but lead to the problem of buying more duff scopes :(

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