Removing Sprague/Mallory cans - was Re: [TekScopes] 465M: No trace, No +5V, No +95V


On 2020-08-09 10:56 p.m., DaveH52 wrote:
I had a similar problem with my 465M. One of the raw supplies was low. I replaced all the can capacitors by cutting them off just above the fat part so I could save all the connections, removed the old stuff inside and soldered new caps into the bases. The capacitor mounting tabs are actually part of the circuit. Start by making sure you have all the raw supplies. There's a 2uf cap just to the left of the HV shield near the test point that went leaky and killed the +95V..
Having recapped a 603 and 604 recently, I'm curious what tool you used
to cut them, and what physical access was required. In my case I had to
remove the cans entirely, which was a challenging desoldering job
because there is only the bare minimum of clearance and access to the pins.

Would like to see a photo series if you do this again - would probably
help a lot of people faced with the same task.


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